Smooth Sailing with Nautical Cross

February 2007 News
Serious boaters can spend serious money on the boat of their dreams.  That's why it's always a nuisance and a disappointment to experience the common damage that occurs while docking your boat or while your boat is docked.  In fact, most boats are not equipped with a user-friendly way of securing a fender on their back third.  Nautical Cross, a new fender holding system, designed for all boat sizes, allows boaters to use fishing rod holders, which are usually on or can be added to their boats.

The Nautical Cross is made of anodized aluminum which is the same material used for making tuna towers, half towers, and radar arches.  The Nautical Cross slides into the rod holder and locks into place, allowing an easy way to secure a fender.  It is light weight and can be moved from side to side and stored easily.  Without Nautical Cross, dings, scratches and marks can collect on a vessel over time and end up incurring an expensive repair to the boat owners.  Nautical Cross can be fitted to all fishing rod holders and range in price from $90 to $115.

"I've been working in the boating industry for over 24 years, and I was often frustrated trying to find a place to secure a fender toward the back third of a boat," said Captain Jim Stefano, president and founder of Nautical Cross and Britestar Products, Inc. "Over the years, I've noticed a lot of beautiful boats damaged, cracked or marked up from day- in and day-out docking, rafting together, or just sitting at the dock," he added.

Nautical Cross, combined with a proper fender and a fishing rod holder, creates a great protective system for boats. Some owners use them for tying off chum or bait bags as well as a temporary cleat for an inflatable or personal water craft.  However, they are designed solely for tying off a fender, and not for mooring your boat. 

"The Nautical Cross is quick, simple, user-friendly, and a must have for every boater," said Greg Krueger, owner of Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales, Inc., of St. Clair Shores, Mich.

Whether a boat captain, crew or owner operator of any size boat, the Nautical Cross can help protect that back third of the vessel. It can be used for either a ball fender or a cylinder tied vertically or horizontally. It simply fits into a fishing rod holder, which is usually on most manufacturer's boats or can be added after the boat is purchased. The Nautical Cross comes in two models: standard (small and large) and a deluxe. Both standard and deluxe serve the same function. However, the deluxe has an extra welded tip to accommodate a bullet-nosed application rod holder, sometimes found on some custom fishing boats. Our standard small size has a pipe diameter of 1 1/2" and the standard large size has a pipe diameter of 1 5/8". Boat owners can measure the diameter sideways across the inside of the plastic sleeve to get the correct size