New Underwater Camera Gives Houseboaters a Fresh Perspective.

November 2007 News

YachtCam International, Inc., has announced the unveiling of a new underwater video camera at the 2008 Seattle Boat Show. This new video system is the first of its kind and could quickly become a boater's best friend.  Named the "Running Gear Video 1" (RGV1) it is mounted to the bottom of the hull and is the first camera that allows a captain to monitor what is happening below the waterline without getting wet.

Most houseboat owners are aware of the thousands of dollars involved in repairing or replacing a vessel's running gear. With the RGV1 a problem can be clearly identified and preventive measures taken before damages occur.  "The most damage we usually see happens when a prop or stabilizer gets fouled and the captain has unknowingly continued to try to run the boat," says Kevin Pattison of Underwater Control Technology, Inc.  It may be the anchor rode of a neighboring vessel-the advantages of having a clear view of the underside of your vessel are undeniable.


The RGV1 is the brainchild of Kevin Pattison, founder and CEO of the Anacortes-based Underwater Control Technology, Inc., which specializes in the installation and service of thrusters and stabilizers.  During the 2006 Seattle Boat Show, Underwater Control Technology was positioned in the booth next to Everett-based Ocean Systems, Inc., which specializes in underwater cameras - the resulting collaboration was inevitable.


Working together these two companies developed a housing "pod" to hold the underwater camera that could then be mounted to the bottom of a hull.  The pod measures only about 3 inches high by 4 inches wide and 13 inches long; it has a hydrodynamic shape to reduce bubbles around the lens and is built of impact resistant urethane.  The camera features include a super high resolution color image, internal ultra intense LEDs for illumination, and a borsolite lens that will not scratch and resists growth build up.  The RGV1 requires only a 1-inch hole for the wires that is completely sealed with the camera installation.  Camera placement and installation should only be performed by a professional boatyard.

YachtCam International, Inc., specializes in the distribution of cameras and accessories specifically designed for nautical use.  The RGV1, which starts at about $3200, can be used independently or in sets of two or more, depending on the size and nature of the vessel.  They can also be installed as part of a complete video system including engine room, masthead and/or deck cameras.  Images can be sent to any number of monitors on the vessel, and the monitor screen can be split into as many as six parts to view images from all the cameras at once.  Closed-circuit television systems are not new, but the RGV1 could result in video systems becoming a common element of the standard electronics package for any vessel.

Practical purposes aside, for those who simply enjoy viewing sea life, an underwater camera can provide you with your own personal "aquarium", and the addition of underwater lights can help to attract all manner of sea creatures.  Many fishermen already enjoy the benefits a through hull camera.  With YachtCam International, Inc., you can add a DVD recorder to your video package and take home not just memories, but an underwater video of your vacation or "the one that got away".

For more information please go to or call 866-535-2044.

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