A family adventure on a houseboat

June 2010 News MaryAnn Ball - parentingwithcourage.wordpress.com

This was one of the family adventures we partook of last year. I have heard about the amazing Lake Powell my whole life and we had a window of time last summer where, miraculously, nothing else was going on. So we rented a houseboat from some very nice people at a marina on Lake Powell, took a couple of our children with their children who were also free at that time to Northern Arizona to discover Lake Powell from a houseboat.

It was a marvelous way to spend time with children and grandchildren. The lake scenery was breathtaking. The water was warm and inviting in the heat of the day, and the antics of the children and grandchildren were immensely entertaining.

Almost running us into the wall of the canyon, when it was Scot's turn to drive the boat.

Bailey finding a new friend on the houseboat next to us the first evening.

Jack & Ethan using an old log for a tug boat.

Justin sitting the reeds along the shore for hours spying commando style on a neighboring houseboat.

An abrupt landing on an underwater beach where we experienced flying dishes in the cabin.

A midnight swim off the slide into inky, black water by the most adventurous of the group.

 A constant chasing of baby Gracie as she insisted on being on deck during transport.

You can buy an experience.the memories are free.

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