Tired Of Fuel Spills?

Published in the February 2011 Issue February 2011 Ask The Expert

You don't have to drive a Toyota Prius to appreciate an environmental-friendly product. In fact, most people would agree that it's nice to keep gasoline out of the water when you're filling up your houseboat. One company in particular is trying to do just that and has developed the Fuel Whistle.

While the tank is being filled a `whistling' sound is produced by the Fuel Whistle. It will be audible in a strong breeze or with any normal surrounding sounds.

As the tank approaches full, the sound turns to a `warble' and when completely full it immediately stops. This is the signal to stop the fueling process before any spill occurs. Sounds like a simple and effective way to keep gas out of the water to us. For more information contact Green Marine Products by visiting www.greenmarineproducts.com or call 516-268-1255.

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