Everyone On The WaterMat

May 2011 News By Brady L. Kay

If you have any doubts about a 6- by 20-foot mat that weights just over 30 pounds, yet can hold up to 1500 pounds, you're not alone. As I kept looking at the inch-and-a-quarter thick, two-ply, marine-grade, closed cell polypropylene foam, I know I had my concerns. I kept wondering if it would really work, but those doubts were quickly put to rest when I rolled it out and climbed on.

True to the hype, the WaterMat just might be the most interesting product we've ever tested for Houseboat magazine. You can put a load of people on it and it's the closest they'll get to walking on water. In fact, it's so inviting that we had people of all ages volunteering to "test it" just to prove it could hold their weight.

This is an extremely durable lake toy that doesn't need inflating, has no sharp edges or hard surfaces and overall is just a lot of fun.

The WaterMat rolls to about a 24-inch diameter and is six feet wide, but at 33 pounds it's surprisingly easy to move around. It will take up a little bit of room on the top deck of your houseboat, but the popularity that will come from it will make you glad you keep it on board at all times.

Priced at $799 it's a little more than what you would typically pay for a water toy, but considering how many people can use it at one time it's worth the investment. Once we got it on the water it was the only thing the kids in our group wanted to play on. It's safe, fun and really the only knock would be the amount of space that it takes up when you're not using it.

The number of different ways that you can use or enjoy this WaterMat is unlimited and I would recommend it to families looking for another way to enjoy the water. A plus version is available that will support up to 1800 pounds and there is also a junior version as well.  

For more information visit www.thewatermat.com or call 888-4MAT-FUN.

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