Published in the January 2012 Issue January 2012

Anchor Nanny

Designed for Danforth and Fortress style anchors, the Anchor Nanny fits on houseboats and small cruisers using an adjustable rail clamp that fits both round and square railings. Holding approximately 150 feet of half-inch line, the Anchor Nanny stows anchor and line off the deck and is made from a solid brass casting.




Digger Anchor

Its patented design includes two digger flukes and grabber cleats which give the anchor constant downward pressure. It will immediately grab on to the bottom and keep digging in. (800-653-1499/

Fortress Marine

These anchors have a surprising feature: they contain absolutely no welds to weaken the metal. They are made of high-tensile aluminum-magnesium alloy, which means they are incredibly light and strong!


Nautilus Anchors



For shoreline anchoring, look no further than the Powerpointe system developed by Wagner Products. The system features an innovative design which makes anchoring fast and easy.


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