Marine Santation

Published in the January 2012 Issue January 2012

Known as marine sanitation devices (MSDs), these under-hull systems are more than a wise investment, considering the tremendous risk involved in dumping untreated sewage overboard. From heads to the latest products designed to alleviate the odors and hassles of your boat's sanitation system, the following can help educate you in making your houseboat experience a legal and sanitary one.

Ahead Sanitation Systems



BacTANK T3 products use the essence of nature to produce environmentally-safe microbes for holding tanks and onboard use. Its line of cleaning and prevention products are biodegradable and help protect our boat and waterways. BacTANK T3 microbes or "Bugs" degrade the waste while reducing odors, insects and build up.


Dometic Sanitation Systems


Environmental Marine, Inc.


General Ecology


Happy Bowl

Headhunter, Inc.


Inca Gold Products



Keco, Inc.


Life Industries


My Healthy Boater

Don't just mask odors, eliminate them with My Healthy Boaters holding tank treatment that is totally organic and odor free.


NASSEF Engineering


Nature's Head

Designed by two long-time sailors and manufactured in the USA, Nature's Head composting toilet is specifically designed to withstand the harsh marine environment. Its rugged design and materials have been proven to be extremely durable and trouble-free. These systems are easily installed, completely self-contained and portable, requiring no holding tanks.



Odorlos Holding Tank Treatment eliminates all odors while quickly breaking down waste and tissue. Odorlos lubricates valves, contains no formaldehyde and is 100 percent biodegradable. By eliminating odors naturally without the use of masking perfumes or staining dyes, it is effective and eco-friendly.


Owens Mfg. & Specialty Co., Inc.


Peal Products


Quantum Pure Aire Corporation


Raritan Engineering Co.

This year, Atlantes Freedom will become Atlantes Freedom with Vortex-vac, a more efficient flushing action with a new sequential flushing. The new discharge pump creates the vacuum in the bowl so there is no need for remote vacuum pumps. The Atlantes Freedom comes in a standard and elongated model to fit in any application while giving all the comforts of home.


Research Products


SeaLand Technology


Survivor Associates/Continental Technologies


Thetford Corp.

Tecma Silence and Silence Plus are powerful-yet super quiet-turbine-pump, china-bowl toilets. These waste transfer systems, which allow holding tanks to be located anywhere, feature beautiful European styling, wall-mounted, push-button controls and a water-saving, eco-friendly design. Available in white, bone and black colors. Made by Thetford Marine of Michigan.


Vetus-Den Ouden, Inc.


Walex Products Co.


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