Not Just For Pet Stains

Finding a better use for FIZZION

Published in the March 2012 Issue March 2012 Feature

When Lamar and Ann Gidden from Lauderdale, Miss., contacted Houseboat concerning a product that could help clean their houseboat, we were very interested. These houseboaters are all about helping other boaters since we all share that common bond and tend to run into similar problems.

The Giddens had discovered something by accident when trying to remove bug excrement (spider poop) from the exterior surface of their boat.

"A few weeks ago, I took my trusty scrub rags and my bottle of cleaner to tackle this dreaded chore," recalls Ann. "However, I didn't realize I had picked up the wrong bottle of cleaner. I sprayed a few vinyl cushions on the top deck and before I could get my rag to scrub, the offending matter melted right before my eyes! I was astounded and mystified because this had never happened before. I looked at the bottle of cleaner and realized I had picked up a bottle of FIZZION by mistake."

For those not familiar with FIZZION, this product is formulated primarily to remove old pet stains from carpet and upholstery. The Giddens have found that it works wonders on pet stains, but never thought of using it for anything else.

"I cannot praise this product enough for how well it cleaned the exterior of our boat," adds Ann. "The cushions looked brand new in record time and what usually takes me hours to complete took just a few minutes."

FIZZION can be bought online and we did contact the company to verify it is safe and won't harm fabrics and vinyl.

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