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Published in the May 2012 Issue May 2012 Feature

AquabotixAquabotix, a recent start-up, is bringing the ease of consumer electronics to the complex world of underwater video submersibles. The company has recently launched the AquaLens, an addictively fun way to enjoy the water and see what lies beneath or to be used as a unique tool for hull, anchor and prop inspection.

The AquaLens shoots full 1080p HD video or stills, which can quickly and easily be downloaded and shared. The AquaLens is designed to be mounted on the end of a standard boat hook or other guide pole, sending a live video feed back to a wrist-mounted LCD screen.

Houseboat owners at times need to dive in to survey what lies below the waterline to check for possible problems. The AquaLens allows them to stay dry and safely aboard while providing the valuable view they need to evaluate the well-being of their vessel, put their mind at ease, or quickly get a fish-eye view of the water. The AquaLens retails for $795 and is available at www.aquabotix.com.

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