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Cooking onboard

May 2012 Feature

Like to eat on your boat? Sure, we all do. It just adds to the fun. What's better than eating dinner and watching the sunset over the water, or an early morning watching the birds with a cup of coffee and warm homemade coffeecake in hand? 

But turning these visions into reality involves overcoming some challenges in cooking aboard.  There's less space for food and equipment, not to mention less counter space on some houseboats. There may be limited water and electrical power and the refrigerator may pose other challenges if you're away from the dock. Plus you probably won't find a garbage disposal or dishwasher onboard either.  

Most of us want cooking aboard to be pleasant, a part of the general fun aboard. And now there's a website to give you the answers you need, regardless of whether it's your first time cooking aboard or you're more experienced and looking for a solution to a particular problem.

www.TheBoatGalley.com is devoted to helping boaters get the most out of their kitchens.  Written by Carolyn Sherlock, a former cruiser, articles focus on practical ways to cook without prepared foods and electric appliances, with foods that store well on a boat. As Shearlock says, in six years of full-time living aboard and cruising, she learned a lot about what works (and what doesn't) aboard a boat.  And now she's passing it on.

The Boat Galley isn't a gourmet cooking site, or limited to just recipes-although there are a few houseboat-friendly ones. There's a wealth of information on how to store food on a boat, things to think about in choosing galley equipment, tips on dealing with a temperamental oven or stove, making your refrigerator or cooler more efficient, hand mixing, choosing the right water filter, staying cool in the galley, clearing a balky drain and more-over 150 articles to date and another one added every few days.

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