Jim Stansbury

Houseboater of the Week

June 2012 Feature

Jim Stansbury, his wife Cherie, and dog Molly have been houseboating for almost ten years now. He and his wife used to own a cruiser before they bought their first houseboat, but then realized that a Houseboat appealed to them more. They enjoy having more room, and the amenities of a house right there, and feel now that they are older they can stay put more than when they were younger.


The Stansbury's have owned the same 1978 Summerset since when they bought it ten years ago from Terry at Houseboats Buy Terry. They have made major changes to their boat since then though. When they bought the 1978 Summerset it was in rough shape. They spent a lot of money, time and energy making it nicer over the years. It is 58' long 14' wide and has a 12' cabin. The name of their boat is Cumberland Home.


They keep it at Conley Bottom on Lake Cumberland in the same exact slip as when they bought it. Jim and Cherie love the boat and especially love Conley Bottom. It has a great view of Lake Cumberland and is a great dock. They have made lots of friends. In fact, three really good friends that live up the road. Jim says, "Dock friends make houseboating fun. We feel at home and part of a family at the dock." When Jim and Cherie first stepped into the houseboating community they said how everyone was very helpful and had lots of great advice for them as newbie's. Last year Jim spent 130 nights on the boat and this year so far he has spent 40 nights and plans on a lot more. The Stansbury's live 2 hours and 45 minutes away from the dock. Houseboating life is very fun to them and love every minute on the dock.



An interesting fact about Jim is he is a wine connoisseur. He conducts wine tastings and workshops on the lake to fellow friends and houseboaters.

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