Jim and Christina Stowe

August 2012

Jim and Christina Stowe have been married 31 years and have made houseboating a part of their marriage for 14 years. In 1998 they bought their first houseboat and have had a total of four different houseboats, all but one was bought from Houseboats Buy Terry. Jim is in the car business and used to sell houseboats in California until they started being strict on bringing houseboats in. They owned each houseboat for about three years and just kept upgrading until the one they have now that they love and is perfect.

Jim and Christina love being out on the water. "It's a neat deal having your good friends with you while you're on the water," says Jim.

The Stowe's currently own a '97 Jamestown that's 16', and in perfect condition. It has a large front deck, four bedrooms: two up and two down, two bathrooms, and a nice kitchen. It's all solar, running off the sun since they're in California. There are no hook ups at all. The boat's name is "Pier Pleasure" which was the name on the boat when they bought it five years ago.

Jim and Christina dock at Bidwell Marina which is on Lake Orville and is only 25 minutes away from where they live so it's nice. However they are just too busy, and don't get to the boat more than 5-6 times a year.

When they are on the boat they love to cook tri-tip, and corn on the cob because it's delicious and feeds a lot. They enjoy houseboating with their kids, grandkids, and good friends that are right on their dock.

They are thinking about selling Pier Pleasure and downsizing to a smaller boat, since they aren't on the boat as often as they used to. So if anyone is interested in a Jamestown houseboat let me know!

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