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Finding cool, unique products to fill your houseboat is one of the best parts of owning a houseboat. It gives your guests something to talk about when they come onboard. We want to give you a jumpstart on things to consider for the upcoming season. When compiling this list of must-haves, it was difficult to narrow down what to include because there are a lot of fun things out there. But the final products to make the cut were the ones that provided an extra kick of coolness. Every one of these items has amazing attention to detail and would be a fun addition to your houseboat.



Try out a new drink cooling system? Sounded like a good job for the Houseboat magazine staff. Getting a one-of-a-kind experience out of a drink cooling system? An unexpected delight. The HOPR system exceeded our expectations at every turn and would be a fabulous addition to any houseboater’s galley or top deck.  

The HOPR is a self-serve, self-cooled, stand-alone, beverage server. It holds up to 96 ounces of your favorite drink. We love it because it really works, unlike some other gimmicky concepts. Once the eight of us emptied the pitcher, the Super Chill Rod in the middle of the pitcher kept cooling as we refilled. There was no stopping to refreeze; we just poured in the liquid and sat back and marveled at how cool our drinks were.
“It keeps drinks colder for longer than anything else I have ever used,” said Houseboat staff member Terri Duncan. “It is the perfect thing for a party with lots of people or hanging out with the family.”
We were told this machine typically turns into a conversation piece and that’s correct! The elegant design caught everyone’s attention as soon as they boarded the boat. The HOPR spins on a swivel base so everyone has easy access, yet it’s extremely stable so rougher waters won’t be a problem.
Besides being wonderful to look at, the features make this device. It’s extremely easy to clean, which is important for those of us who don’t want to spend a lot of time working in the galley. Since it doesn’t require electricity, it can be set up anywhere, which makes it a homerun for the top deck.
We also love the hands-free spout. “With the tap on the bottom you just push your cup against the spigot,” said Houseboat sales rep Chris Searle. “It gives the machine a professional feel.”
So let’s review. Keeps drinks cool for hours. Easy to clean. Light weight. Sleek look. Perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. Yep, this is an A++ in our book. It has a suggested retail price of $135. Visit www.hoprs.com for more information.  


Fish Stix

Who doesn’t need spunky flatware? Galleyware describes this particular set as “flatware with a sense of humor,” and we couldn’t agree more. You and your guests will love diving into food with this stainless steel flatware that will appeal to all nautical accessory lovers.

The forks and spoons have a shark face engraved on the top and end in a fish tail, while the butter knife stands on end to resemble a shark fin cutting through the water. Each set retails for $83.95 and includes 20 pieces that make up four complete place settings of one teaspoon, one tablespoon, one knife, one dinner fork and a salad fork

Galleyware.com is a wonderful online retail store that caters to boat owners looking to take their galley to the next level. The site is full of non-skid dinnerware as well as a huge selection of polycarbonate glasses, flatware, galley accessories and their award-winning Nesting Cookware. In business since 1991, the site is truly a one-stop shop for accessory shopping. Make sure to check out the whole site at www.galleyware.com. Plus you can follow them on Twitter at @GalleywareCo.


Personalized Nautical Life Ring

Put a unique spin on your houseboat by personalizing it with this fun nautical life ring. It will be just the finishing touch your boat needs after deciding on a name. This custom-printed 19-inch diameter Life Ring is much more than home décor though. It has been approved by the Coast Guard to be used as a life-saving device. It’s manufactured under strict codes and supervision of the United States Coast Guard and it contains solid, closed-cell plastic. It is soft and resilient to the touch, yet it is virtually indestructible. The Soft-Tex surface resists weather and temperature extremes so it will not rot or mildew, which is something we all need when it comes to things stored on the boat. Pick red, blue, black, or burgundy letters when designing your life ring. This and a ton of other stuff are available at www.everythingnautical.com. It retails for $109.99 and would be a perfect addition to any houseboat.


Nautical Napper

Can you imagine anything more perfect than falling asleep on a hammock on a sandy beach? How about falling asleep on a hammock directly over the water? It doesn’t get much better than this. With the Nautical Napper, H20 Marine Supplies has created the perfect scenario for a Sunday afternoon nap. The Nautical Napper is a lightweight, sturdy, yet compactable aluminum hammock frame affixed to the stern of watercrafts. You can gently sway over the waves without having to leave the boat. Check out www. h2omarinesupplies.com to pick yours up today. Once you have it in hand, the company has a couple of different You Tube videos to walk you through the process of installing it. It definitely seems worth the $699.99 it’s going to set you back. Can we really put a price on relaxation?


Wine Cooler and Insulated Ice Bucket

Want to add an elegant touch to your houseboat? Yachtaccent.com has you covered. The entire site is full of products that give off a sophisticated vibe. This wine cooler with removable freezable inserts and insulated ice bucket included retail for $201 and $236 respectively and would make your guests feel like they were dining in the lap of luxury.

YachtAccent is the exclusive provider to the Americas for the custom yacht décor and designs of internationally renowned designer Giovanna Locatelli. Her legendary studio near Italy’s Lake Como has long been a Mecca for yacht owners seeking original and distinctive designs. Over the past 20 years, the famed interior designer and artist has single-handedly transformed nautical décor and furnishings from kitsch to art form. And her work is now found aboard the world’s finest yachts and in the homes of heads of state.

At www.yachtaccent.com you can now browse through hundreds of items for your houseboat. Each item is artisan-crafted by hand from a unique design, and created in the finest materials from silver to cashmere.

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