Be serious about Carbon Monoxide prevention on your boat

January 2014 Industry Web Exclusive

Carbon Monoxide has always been a concern for the industry and this issue shouldn't be taken lightly on your houseboat. Marine Technologies, Inc. (MTI) has launched a new line of Marine Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarms. The new M-65 Series is specifically designed for the Marine / Boating Market and is available in either surface or flush mount cases. 

As a leading manufacturer of CO Alarms since the late 1980's, MTI continues to add new state of the art features to its line. The M-65 Series is built on MTI's Patented "Multi- Gas" Detection Platform and has the ability to ignore the presence of numerous hydrocarbons commonly referred to as "outgas" helping to reduce confusion as to why the alarm is sounding. This also allows the M-65 series alarms to be installed and tested when the boat is built, instead of waiting for the dealer to install after the boat is sold. The M-65 Series have an End of Life Signal that will automatically notify the boater when the alarm has reached the end of its five year service life and requires replacement.   

"We have led the way in notifying the market that CO alarms don't last forever and our Safe-T-Alert CO Alarms should be replaced after five years of use. The M-65 Series service life starts when it is installed and powered, not when the Alarm is manufactured.  The M-65 does not have a timer that runs while the unit is sitting on a retailer shelf or in a boat yard, that gives the owner a full 5 years of use" said Jeff Wisniewski, president of MTI, "this is another reason that we believe our unit is the right choice to install in your boat."

The M-65 Series CO Alarms also include a relay option that can be used to turn generators off or turn on exhaust fans, warning lights or other signaling devices. The fully optioned version allows up to ten (10) CO Alarms to be interconnected on larger boats and the interconnected Alarms will all sound but only the Alarms that have detected CO will have a red light, which helps find the problem. 

The new M-65 Series Marine CO Alarms have been tested by an independent third party testing laboratory (Interek/ETL) and conform to the 2015 version of ANSI/UL 2034 Standard, including for Marine use, which make them fully compliant with the ABYC A-24 Carbon Monoxide Standard.

MTI has served the boating, recreational vehicle and residential industry since 1979, providing safety products to original equipment manufacturers and retailers across the United States. For further information on MTI Industries, contact:

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