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[dalehallow] I keep thinking about adding a smaller fuel tank. I use 4 to 6 gallons if the big generator is run over the weekend, 10 gallons tops. What about the other 70 to 90 gallons in the big tank? All those horror stories of the bad gas issue, stale, condensation, ethanol. Throw in the storage factor and the added additives. Is this overkill on my part? I'd like to hear your thoughts.


[42gibson] Late last September we filled the tanks to full for the winter, which was 240 gallons. We went to take it out and the boat wouldn't run. I pulled the filters, they were full of rust. We have aluminum tanks so it wasn't from us. I have to pump both tanks this spring.


[GoVols] Dale, I don't think I'd do what you're considering. Your fuel in your main tanks will continue to age. If you drain them, there will always be some left in the bottom. Empty tanks will get water and debris in them and lots of explosive fumes. Just keep a good brand of fuel stabilizer in your gas and you'll be fine.


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