• What Does Trifecta Ventures Mean For You?

    September 29, 2014
    When we got word about a new houseboating company that had been established, it was time for celebration.
  • 7 Sea-Themed Lighting Ideas

    Web Exclusive September 25, 2014
    Austa Cook
    The right touch of light can soften a room’s glow and invite a cozier, more luxuriant atmosphere to any houseboat. Gild the shadows with these gorgeous sea life lighting ideas available at seasideinspired.com.
  • Dream the Impossible Dream

    Web Exclusive September 23, 2014
    Save money on a houseboat trip? Say whaa? Contrary to what you may fear, planning a houseboat vacation doesn’t have to include money blowing out the window as you go.
  • Fight the Hungry Bear

    Web Exclusive September 18, 2014
    Austa Cook
    What’s one of the most stressful things at home? Cooking for everyone. What’s one of the most stressful things on a houseboat? Cooking for everyone. And yet what does everyone love while kicking back on vacation? Eating, eating, and more eating!
  • 5 Gift Ideas for Your Houseboater

    Web Exclusive September 16, 2014
    Austa Cook
    Does your sweetheart have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Or maybe a special surprise is in order for someone you love? Here are five houseboating gift ideas collected from West Marine to make the day special for the boater in your life!
  • Sale of Sleepless in Seattle Houseboat

    Web Exclusive September 15, 2014
    Some of us at PDB magazine—the chick-flicky types, to be accurate—love romances like the movie Sleepless in Seattle. So when we read in the Puget Sound Business Journal that the houseboat used in Sleepless in Seattle just sold, we just had to spread the w
  • Upgrading Your Houseboat? Try a Fiberglass Waterslide!

    Web Exclusive September 09, 2014
    Want to upgrade your houseboat with something that kids will love and still-kids-in-adult-bodies will equally love? Consider equipping yourself with a waterslide from Fiberglass Concepts, Inc.
  • Gorgeous House Made From Storage Containers

    Web Exclusive September 02, 2014
    While perusing the web, we came across a really cool story done by WABI TV 5 news that we want to share! While it may not be about an engine-whirring, wake-making houseboat, it’s a close and interesting cousin.