5 Gift Ideas for Your Houseboater

September 2014 Austa Cook Web Exclusive

Does your sweetheart have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Or maybe a special surprise is in order for someone you love? Here are five houseboating gift ideas collected from West Marine to make the day special for the boater in your life!

1. Good boat shoes. 

Few comforts in life are more important than a solid set of comfy shoes. When walking across slippery decks, functionality is also something to note for houseboaters. Consider the Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Billfish Mocs—with a genuine handsewn design, padded tongue, and air-mesh panels for increased comfort, this is a great shoe for your man.

Or your lady might love the Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Angelfish Jacquard Slip-On Boat Mocs—it’s a mouthful, but it proclaims a lot. These shoes, both stylish and feminine, are also handmade and include a cushioned footbed and Wave-Siping™ wet/dry traction to match the Men’s Mocs traction abilities.

2. Paddleboard

For the adventurous houseboater, a paddleboard is a great way to experience the water that has the added bonus of giving them a healthy workout. The Orca Soft Stand-Up Paddleboard is a top choice for first-time paddleboarders, as it enables them to learn the technique of stand-up paddleboarding without proving too difficult to maneuver. The Orca promises to be durable and strong, with three molded-in stringers to increase the over-all stability and performance. If your avid houseboater is casting around for new ideas to keep everyone entertained on the water, this paddleboard might be just what they’re looking for.

3. Snorkel Set

For the even more adventurous houseboater, a snorkel set is a fantastic way to slide into the water and explore any wet environment. The Marlin Snorkel Set includes a Marlin Purge Mask, Dry Snorkel, and Volo One fins, all stowed away in a travel-sized backpack. The size range of small to extra large sizes accommodates most adults.

4. Fishing Lures

If your sweetheart loves nothing more than to dip a fishing pole in the water, try these Shimano Waxwing Jigs. West Marine offers an assortment of jigs depending on the fishing needs in question. These in particular are designed for shallow use with a hydrodynamic body design and top wing design to give them a taunting zig-zag dance through the water. Lower wings prevent rolling and the UV-reactive paint along the sides promises to give off fishy flashes.

5. Brass Anchor Doorknocker

To add a little style to your honey’s houseboat, try out the Brass Anchor Doorknocker. This brass anchor is striking, highly-polished and comes with a classy satin-lined gift box. The West Marine website offers other brass gift ideas such as the brass thermometer, eight inches long and sporting a handsome brass case and bracket. Or if more soft lighting is needed for your houseboat, try the age-old tradition of yacht lamps, which use soot-and-odor-free liquid paraffin fuel. 


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