7 Sea-Themed Lighting Ideas

September 2014 Austa Cook Web Exclusive

The right touch of light can soften a room’s glow and invite a cozier, more luxuriant atmosphere to any houseboat. Gild the shadows with these gorgeous sea life lighting ideas available at seasideinspired.com.

If you like to go the route of candles when inviting natural lighting into a room, consider the scallop-shaped Seashell Candle for only $14. This mold is made from a real shell to ensure a life-like appearance. The shaped candle is then touched up with textured ridges and coloring to match its natural counterpart. The Seashell Candle is single wick and is available individually. You can cluster these along a coffee table or spread them throughout your lounging area.

If you’re looking for something more outside the sandbox, Seasideinspired also fashions Sea Urchin Candles in two sizes and two colors for $5 to $12. These candles are artfully designed to bring to mind the sights and smells of the beach. The wicks are clean-burning and the wax is scentless, perfect for those who prefer unscented candles. The Sea Urchin Candles are available individually for a striking display, or you can buy several to create a sea life motif for a state room or master bedroom.

The Shell Filled Candle is a candle and candle holder combined sold for $34. These shells are cast in aluminum and then filled with scented wax. Light the wick to entice a pacific lagoon fragrance into the galley for a laid-back dessert while the sun sets and don’t worry about catching the melting wax—the shell mold will take care of that. The Shell Filled Candle is also available individually with a single wick.

The Sand Castle Candleholder is another option for the young-at-heart and sells for only $30. These candleholders invite both nostalgia and an appreciation for the beauty to be found in the natural colors of the beach. The castle shape is finished with real sand and includes a glass insert and tea light candle. Each Sand Castle Candleholder is wrapped in clear cellophane and a raffia tie, ready to be given as a gift.

If you want something longer-lasting than a candle, try the Glass Float Table Lamp. Only $489, this fishing float is made of recycled glass and encased in hand-knotted netting. The salty-themed look is complete with a glass finial and natural linen drum shade, supported by a brown metal base. The Glass Float Table Lamp is 150 Watts with a three-way turn key.

If you want the sturdiness of a lamp with even more creative individuality, the Glass Cylinder Lamp is for you. These lamps are fashioned in three sizes from $312 to $638 and the design is clever; consisting of two glass jars, the upturned top jar lifts off to allow you to fill whatever you want in the lower jar. These lamps are completely individualized based on your tastes, whether you’d prefer to encase family photos, beach-side souvenirs, or hand-picked drift wood. You can even change out the contents to follow the seasons. The Glass Cylinder Lamps include a parchment paper shade and is 100 Watt max for gentle luminescence.

Speaking of driftwood, the Driftwood Candelabra is another unique option for only $337. Hand-chosen pieces of natural driftwood are gathered after the breeze and water have softened down the wood. The pieces are bleached a mellow white with eco-safe peroxide, then sanded down and furnished into a creative candelabra shape. Seven metal discs are installed for holding candles. This would make a dramatic centerpiece for you and, like a snowflake, is guaranteed naturally different from any other Driftwood Candelabra.

Any of these natural lighting options—from candles to candelabras—should hopefully appeal to the atmosphere you want to portray aboard your houseboat, or at least get you started towards deciding what it is you're looking for.

Seasideinspired has many more beautiful nautical-themed ideas on their website. With the touch of nature and sea life that is quintessential to each piece, you're sure to find something that embodies what you most love about living on the water. 

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