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September 2014 Web Exclusive

Save money on a houseboat trip? Say whaa?

Contrary to what you may fear, planning a houseboat vacation doesn’t have to include money blowing out the window as you go. Our kindred spirits at houseboatfun.com have put together a few tips on how to reign in the green-backs while preparing for a rampantly fantastic time on the water.

We all know the saying, “misery loves company,” so don’t you join their ranks. After these tips based on previous houseboat vacation flops, you won’t have an excuse to.

If you’re planning on renting a houseboat, find out whether your houseboat company of choice offers a pre-board/early board choice. You might be able to spend the night before your departure on the houseboat, and though it usually costs $300 to $700, there are three hulking benefits to doing this.

Staying aboard is often cheaper than renting a hotel and eating out. You’ll be able to stow everything that night, when the night air is cool, the marina is quiet with less bustle to weave around, and you’ll have time to properly load everything where it needs to go. And thirdly, you’ll get a good once-over to see if anything’s missing before you leave the dock for good. 

Even though you’ll have to stay moored there for the night, you’ll save a good chunk of time and be able to push off hours earlier.

Another helpful recommendation is to rent a ski boat or powerboat to shadow the houseboat—it’s very fuel-effective to moor your houseboat wherever you want to set up base and then venture out on the ski boat for sightseeing, fishing, skiing, or hitting the marina for supplies. Not only can you get around much more quickly this way, you can also break up your party into whoever wants to rest on the houseboat and whoever wants to explore around on the powerboat.  

A last tip is to make sure you stow everything with water-smarts—aka make sure that the weight onboard is evenly spread around so you’ll use less fuel making wakes on the lake. This is where that early check-in is handy—you’ll have time to tinker around with the cargo until it’s just how you want it.

You might remember our article back in the beginning of August spotlighting cost-conscious and exotic houseboat rental companies to check out for your next vacation. If you want to freshen up on rental ideas again, venture your mouse pointer over here.  

We wish you bon voyage and safe traveling—and of course, good spending—on your latest and greatest houseboat adventure! And remember, there’s no reason for misery to love company on your vacation when you've got great tips like these.

To visit houseboatfun for more tips, click here!

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