Sale of Sleepless in Seattle Houseboat

September 2014 News Web Exclusive

Some of us at PDB magazine—the chick-flicky types, to be accurate—love romances like the movie Sleepless in Seattle. So when we read in the Puget Sound Business Journal that the houseboat used in Sleepless in Seattle just sold, we just had to spread the word! 

If you haven’t yet seen the movie, we’ll give you a quick hook. In following the grain all houseboaters know—that living on the water can bring relaxation and a change of pace—Sam Baldwin and his son Jonah retreat to their acclaimed houseboat in Seattle after Sam’s wife dies of cancer. For Sam, this peace is only really sealed when against all odds he meets Annie Reed, a Baltimore Sun reporter, but the details will have to remain tantalizingly obscure so that you all go out and rent the movie.

Resting at the end of a dock garlanded by flowers in Lake Union, the houseboat property held a lot of eyes in Seattle. Though its original owners, Jim and Loretta Healy, considered not selling the houseboat after all, waterfront realtor Rick Miner met a family who would treat the property well. They love playing on the water, had a passion for paddle boarding, and were looking for a beautiful family summer home.  

Another match made in heaven. We hope the undisclosed family loves their new home and know any of our houseboat readers would cheer them on for seeking the easy-going lifestyle that can only be found on the water. 

To read the complete article by Patti Payne, click here. Photos from the Puget Sound Business Journal.

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