Anchor With Confidence

February 2015 Product

Strength, durability and the ability to set and hold in all bottom conditions are important attributes to any good anchor. Rocna anchors from CMP overcome the limitations of traditional designs, providing rock-solid anchoring each and every time.

Thanks to a folded concave blade, the Rocna anchor offers superior holding power, maintaining stability even under veering loads. Its optimized geometry allows it to rotate in place in these situations while remaining buried.

Unlike claw- or plow-style anchors, the Rocna works well in all bottom types. With an extremely sharp chisel tip, large blade area and a third of the anchor's weight in the tip, even clay, weeds or hard sand present no problem. The full range of Rocna anchors are available in stainless steel that is hand-polished to a mirror finish. Fourteen Rocna model sizes from 9 to 606 pounds for boats ranging from 16 to 150 feet, allow owners to choose the best anchor for their particular craft. A lifetime warranty includes protection against bending and deformation. Rocna anchors from CMP have retail prices beginning at $147.99. (604-940-2010)

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