Common Houseboat Repairs To Watch Out For

February 2015 Web Exclusive

Despite opposing predictions, a bitten ear, and citywide legislation changing the mayor’s authority on Groundhog’s Day, the controversy surrounding the groundhog’s prediction about spring seems to have settled in favor of six more weeks of winter.

Unfortunate as this CBS News announcement is for the arrival of spring (and as fun as this was to read about, which is why I linked it here), it does give us all a little more of a time buffer before we jump into spring cleaning. Because my husband and I don’t yet have enough green to buy our own houseboat, the extensiveness of my spring cleaning is limited to uprooting the dust bunny colony under the couch, but for those lucky houseboat owners out there who are liveaboards or preparing to de-winterize your houseboat, this can get a bit more exciting.

It helps to be prepared against any repair costs you could be facing, and that’s what Bravada Yachts had in mind when they put up an article on their website about what houseboat repairs to keep an eye out for and how to be prepared to meet them head on.

 Like any landbound house, common issues like weather damage, electrical malfunctions, and plumbing problems are always possibilities, but the added advantage of living on the water brings with it a few additional realities like water leaks and hull damage as well.

This isn’t to sound like a wet sandwich, but rather to help you better enjoy your time on the water by being ready for anything. Just remember, it’s a lot better to deal with a water leak on your houseboat than to have no houseboat and have nothing better to do but decolonize dust bunnies. Houseboat owners have got it good!

That being said, a few tips Bravada Yachts brings to mind will promise to make life a lot easier on the off chance that repairs are needed. For one, regularly check for leaks so you can keep damage to a minimum and keep a close eye on the bilge pump. This is one of the most important elements to your houseboat’s functionality, and it’s strongly advised that you check all the pumps for clogging or malfunctioning.

Another thing to check out is the battery bank, where issues from corrosion to inadequate charges can occur. A note of caution—don’t hesitate to call in the marine mechanic if there’s a serious issue here. You want to keep your safety priority number one.

Heading off any of these common problems will always save you from higher costs and bigger damage, and being familiar with them will help you identify them soonest. If you’d like more advice, you can call Bravada Yachts at 602-278-3536. And just remember, if anything does happen during spring cleaning a few weeks from now, just remember me and my dust bunnies and you’ll perk up right away. Houseboats are definitely a huge blessing and if you get through any maintenance troubles with open eyes, you’ll be set to enjoy the lifestyle experience that's that much more sweet once summer hits.

Happy houseboating!

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