Hull Maintenance With Waveblade

February 2015 Product Web Exclusive

We think this product is definitely something to shout about. Not because the team at Houseboat advocates technological progress that will lead to robots taking over so we don't have to do anything ourselves anymore...not really, anyways. There are some things that really deserve to be made easier, like bottom cleaning.

Introducing Waveblade products.

This little beauties are designed for vibration to do the metaphorical heavy lifting here, so you can exercise your forearms and biceps doing proper things like opening jars of light mayonnaise. Joking aside, it’s really nice to make something as hard as scraping away at the hull of your boat a little easier.

How the Waveblade works so well is thanks to the company’s patented Resonant Wave Technology. All you have to do is place the blade flat on the afflicted surface and use light pressure for the most efficient blade speed to do its work, removing hard growth like barnacles in all sorts of places. In addition to your boat’s hull, the Waveblade can also be used to scrub up things like docks and buoys, as well as things of a variety of materials from PVC, metals, and concrete to wood, fiberglass, and even inflatables.

The Waveblade is designed to reach up to fifteen feet underwater and can even tackle biofouling like mussel deposits. If you’re interested in a good deal, the WaveBlade Pack plus Carry Bag comes with the following: a Waveblade with 45-foot cable, 3-inch black steel blade, black steel flat chisel blade, two additional foam filters, safety glasses and gloves, and a waveblade carry bag. This set normally retails for $399, but it’s currently on sale for only $299.95. Visit their website here or call 877-895-9283 for more details about how the Waveblade can make your houseboating lifestyle that much easier.

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