Keep Calm And BlueCool On

February 2015 Product

Just talking about air conditioners right now makes me shiverboth with cold, since adding an air conditioner on top of the weather right now would be overkill and would in fact kill me, and with excitement, because the day it's finally hot enough to use one is the day I'm waiting for! 

If your houseboat is in dire need of a new air conditioner, look no further! Efficient, quiet and extremely compact, the BlueCool C-Series Chilled Water Air Conditioners from Webasto Thermo & Comfort North America have always provided a cool onboard environment. Now the new generation of BlueCool marine air conditioning systems does this better than ever. Keeping the air cool onboard with increased efficiency and reduced size, the C-Series packs a lot of value into a small package, including new control features, a large selection of outputs and efficient multi-compressor packages.

The systems are up to 15 percent more efficient thanks to new compressors and use of the R410a refrigerant. The BlueCool C-series robust chiller systems are ideal for medium to large houseboats. They use a water/glycol mixture as a coolant that is pumped to the cabins through pipes. Depending upon requirements, the interior can either be cooled or heated. The BlueCool C-series consists of eight different air-conditioning systems with cooling capacities of between 16,000 and 108,000 BTU/h.(800-215-7010/

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