Norris Lake Boats Suffer Severe Winter Damage

February 2015 News Web Exclusive

We have sad news—several boats and docks collapsed under the fury of a winter storm in the Norris Lake, Campbell County, Tenn., area this Saturday. The force of ice and snow hit multiple marinas, the Campbell County Mayor said to WBIR TV-10. Some boats at Springs Dock Resort and Twin Cove Resort and Marina stayed above the water but others were crushed underneath the surface. 

Mayor E.L. Morton added, "We're just trying to assess what's happening in our community and make sure our citizen owners know we're here for them as much as we can be."

Unfortunately, he believes the weather damage could hurt the county’s economy.

"There's a $50 million tourism economy we rely on and we're growing – last year we showed a 6% growth in tourism receipts and we're looking to grow that, but this is going to be a setback," he explained.

This is a double hit to the poor folks at Spring Docks Resort, as 58 boats and slips were previously damaged in a fire in 2012.

10News says the property owner estimated about $750,000 in damages at Twin Cove. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Wish the owners luck in starting the rebuilding process for those hard-hit marinas, and everybody, stay safe out there! Winter is clearly still raging in some areas. Keep reaching out to neighbors and dockmates so we can all get through the rest of the season okay, and let’s keep those folks in Tennessee and other areas in mind. 

Trade Only Today linked a video from NBC news showing a closer look at some of the damage below, which is available to watch below. 

Photos credited to Palmer Sampson

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