“The Houseboat Book”

February 2015 Web Exclusive

Some days there’s nothing better than leaning back and allowing yourself to get lost in a fantastic book. If you need a good read and you have a passion for houseboating, “The Houseboat Book” by Barbara Flanagan will be just what you’re looking for.

Flanagan, a writer and designer who has contributed to the New York Times, House & Garden, and Architectural Digest, delves into the intriguing and unexpected range of floating dwellings that are in North America, including marvels like villages in British Columbia, Canada, that float on materials like century-old cedar logs and Styrofoam blocks. Beautiful and whimsical architecture fills the pages as you read about the thatched cabana in Key West or the barged train car reminiscent of industrial Brooklyn. Threaded throughout all the diversity found among the pages is the common thread of what the houseboating lifestyle is like and why so many people embrace it.

“The Houseboat Book” includes shots taken by Andrew Garn, a photographer with experience with magazines like New York, Elle Décor, Metropolitan Home, House & Garden, and the New York Times.

With high customer reviews and a beautiful layout, this book is currently selling on Amazon from $45.65 (hardcover) to $31.49 (paperback).

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