Top Ten Things To Bring Houseboating

March 2015

This is our suggestion of ten items that will make sure your getaway runs as smoothly as the kiddos will allow! You don’t want to be left without these:

10. Extra beach towels (better safe than sorry)

9. Flashlights and backup batteries (don’t tempt Murphy on this one)

8. Cheap pairs of sunglasses (note the multiple)

7. Beach balls/volleyballs (friendly fire hurts less)

6. Favorite family movies (that most can agree on)

5. Secret stash of chocolate (you choose how secret)

4. Favorite blankies for the kids (help them feel at home)

3. A marker to mark cups (not even optional)

2. Extra roasting forks (I’m not sharing mine, sticky fingers)

1. Telescope for star gazing (an awesome way to end the night)

What things can you not go houseboating without? We’d love to hear your own suggestions! Hop on over to our facebook page and post your personal top ten.



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