Winter Storms Hit Parts Of Kentucky Last Night

March 2015 Web Exclusive

Despite eleven inches of snow spread on the ground, this houseboat was recently still out on the water! This photo was recently captured by Sheila Lang at Conley Bottom, Ky. Clearly some houseboaters are finding ways to get out on the water, even when the winter months mean colder temperatures and conditions like eleven inches of snow. With the right preparation, it seems your options could really open up. Just stay safe out there, especially in the heavy winter storm areas where this wouldn't necessarily be an option! Especially as more and more snow piles on throughout Kentucky.

For example, the Lexington Harold-Leader brings news that in the wee hours of this morning, over 20 inches of snowfall hit counties in Central Kentucky, leaving road crews scrambling to keep the roads somewhat clear as the storm continues to drop snow.

Some reports spread word that Lexington’s main thoroughfares were draped in snow while other counties face even worse conditions. Jim Gray, the mayor of Lexington, said, "The conditions are very hazardous, and I have not used that language before. This is worse than it was two weeks ago. It's rough out there."

Lexington Police Commander Thomas Curtsinger added that officers have already helped 54 drivers who were stuck in the snow or otherwise required help, not counting those unfortunately involved in collisions between midnight and 8:30 a.m.

Albert Miller, the Lexington Streets and Roads director, explained, "It's coming down so hard that we're just trying to keep up with it, and we're having trouble doing that.” He added, "If it will slow down, we'll make a little headway.”

Spokeswoman for the Kentucky Division of Emergency Services Monica French said that this snowfall was more than predicted in many areas of Kentucky.

"The storm just kicked into overdrive,” she said.

The Kentucky governor, Steve Beshear, declared a state of emergency after Lexington and Central Kentucky were hit by the storm last night, with snow still falling.

What kind of snowfall are you seeing right now? Post pictures on our Facebook page of what it looks like outside your window and stay warm, everybody! Our thoughts are with those struggling in Kentucky right now—please stay safe!

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