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March 2015 Product


The Lehigh Group, maker of the Wellington and Shakespeare brands of marine rope, is creating a new double-braided nylon rope with Visiflect reflective tracers woven within the jacket. Not only does this increase visibility and safety as night falls, it also shows off an improved durability and performance. Thus the Shakespeare Reflective Marine Dock and Anchor Lines are born.

Deborah Hanson, director of external affairs for The Lehigh Group, points out that oftentimes people boat in early morning and twilight hours, making it difficult to see dock lines in the boat, lying on the dock, or tied to a cleat.

“The reflective tracers in the Shakespeare Reflective Marine and Anchor lines are visible for up to 200 feet, providing increased safety and peace of mind,” she says.

Since no power source is needed to spotlight the Shakespeare Reflective Marine and Anchor Lines, they make an even safer choice for open water.

And since they’re constructed from nylon, they’re stronger against fraying, tearing, and fading, as well as resistant to rot, mildew, abrasion, chemicals and oil. If you're interested in finding out more or getting yourself some of this amazing reflective rope, call 803-227-1590 or visit To view the top photo in its original form or the Shakespeare product data sheet, simply click here

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