Going Off The Grid

April 2015 Product

Sun Frost has designed highly efficient electric refrigerators as a winning alternative power source for houseboaters and anyone else who lives off the grid. Powered by AC or DC power, each boasts an impressive lifespan. The DC refrigerator models are powered by 12-volt or 24-volt batteries; one 12-volt deep cycle battery with a 100 amp hour will usually keep the Sun Frost FR12 working for three days without recharging. You can recharge the batteries by periodically running the generator or by getting a single 135 watt Photovoltaic (PV) panel. The 135 watt panel will provide the energy you need to run the refrigerator with roughly 4 hours of direct sunlight time.

Relatively simple in design, the DC solar electric system’s key components are the charge controller, batteries, and solar panels.

Sun Frost estimates that by using the solar-powered Sun Frost over a 25-year period, you can save up to $9,300 when compared to the costs, upkeep, and replacement of a propane-powered refrigerator for the same period of time (which generally lasts just over 12 years max). With the safety, low-maintenance, durability, and carbon footprint on top of the savings, it’s hard to beat. (707-822-9095/www.sunfrost.com)

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