Keep Your Batteries Up And Running

April 2015 Product Web Exclusive

The inexorable draining of battery-powered devices is an undeniable part of life. For houseboaters, this can be pretty serious with things like smoke detectors or engine batteries onboard.

Enter the Low Battery Alarm-LCD by Battery Failsafe Devices. This is an innovative monitoring device that not only displays LCD readout of your battery, but will send an audible alarm when a battery is at critically low voltages. The device is also user-adjustable, so it will read out voltages and power according to what you specify. And with a low current draw of only +2.0 milliamps, this battery alarm doesn't take a lot of power to run.

Have peace of mind that Low Battery Alarm-LCD has your back and will make sure all of your important devices stay up and running. If you're interested in finding out more, call 805-683-9684 or visit

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