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April 2015 Product


Gibi is a stylish and cutting-edge GPS pet collar for dogs and cats. Sisters Synette Tom (satellite telecommunications engineer) and Sheree Loui (medical service dog raiser and trainer) are the minds behind the design that is unlike any other pet accessory on the market. 

It’s the only collar that’s waterproof and allows you to keep track of your four-legged friend without requiring that your phone be in range, thanks to the best of GPS satellite technology. This means you can be in a completely different state and still keep tabs on your pet.

“The beauty of Gibi is that you don’t have to wait for someone to find your dog and report it,” says Synette. “Gibi enables you to locate your dog yourself without delay.”

By setting “safe zones,” or custom-sized virtual fences, you can be alerted if your pet ever leaves a designated area. You can literally establish these anywhere, such as the backyard, the park, or the dog sitter’s house. The collar will keep track of your dog or cat’s location so you can quickly retrieve them.

The app is continually expanding and improving to include things like sleep mode for air travel. Along with being waterproof, Gibi is built to withstand roughhousing for serious durability. All that setup requires is to slip it onto your pet’s original collar. Thanks to its smooth, slim design, Gibi won’t snag or irritate your pet, either. Having already been awarded Wal-Mart’s “Get on the Shelf” award, Gibi is fast on its way to pleasing customers across the country and offers pet owners everywhere peace of mind. If you're interested, call 844-438-4424 or visit

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