How Low Can You Go?

May 2015 Product

Last Friday, we ran a feature that highlighted things to be aware about with carbon monoxide and ways the industry has adapted to make sure people stay safer than ever while enjoying their houseboats. Here are a few products to keep your eyes out for if you're due for an upgrade or want to find out more specifics as to what some companies in the industry can offer.

Fireboy Xintex Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Fireboy offers a variety of CO detectors that include interlocks that automatically shut down generators when surpassing CO thresholds. The detector includes an audio alarm, which sounds from all detectors interfaced into the same system. CO detectors include a low current draw from operating generators, designed and approved for marine use, and are affordable. (866-350-9500/

Centek Industries Marine Exhaust Systems

Centek offers a wide range of marine exhaust products all manufactured and produced to reduce emissions while improving the generator life and safety. Centek products include wet exhaust systems, filtration systems, and other environmental products. Mufflers and catalytic converters are all part of most of their models, which are not only environment friendly to keep lakes and waterways clean, but also reduce and control CO emissions and buildups. (800-950-7653/

Westerbeke Generators

Used on an estimated 75 percent of houseboats, Westerbeke generators are compliant to maritime and environmental law. Westerbeke is trusted as a quality manufacturer and producer, with generators specifically designed to mitigate the buildup and pooling of CO in houseboats and other watercraft. (508-823-7677/

For More Information, Check Out CDC's Carbon Monoxide Dangers in Boating

The CDC website offers fact based information and resources on CO exposure and poisoning. The website educates and helps all houseboaters and non-houseboaters alike, and is well worth the read to ensure everyone is familiar with the signs and symptoms of CO exposure. Additional resources include how to properly maintain and manage CO emissions on houseboats. (800-232-4636/

Photos credited to Fireboy Xintex, Centek Industries, and Westerbeke Generators, respectively. 

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