Transporting Your Houseboat

May 2015

Depending on the size of your houseboat, it can be cheaper to request the services of a professional transport company than to move it yourself with a custom trailer (assuming the beam width, etc, is small enough for a trailer to be an option). Because of the high cost usually involved in this trick, some houseboaters prefer to avoid moving their houseboat altogether and instead sell their vessel before moving to a new area. But the choice is yours, and when it came to easttnboater's decision, he and his wife chose to move their houseboat rather than leave it behind:

easttnboater: After accepting a job in southern Georgia and relocating with my wife, I will be moving our boat from South Holston in Tennessee to Clarks Hill Lake on the Georgia/South Carolina border. I have already signed the contract with Dreams in Motion. This will be the fifth time that I have moved a houseboat, it is always a unique experience. Anyway, I am sad to be leaving South Holston after being there 20 years, but am looking forward to exploring a new lake.

GoVols: Congrats on the new job! You must really love that boat to be moving it as much as you are. I'd take it as an excuse to sell it and buy a new one!

easttnboater: This will only be the second time that I moved this particular boat. My wife said that it had to go with us—who am I to argue? The move cost itself is not really that bad considering that it is going through four states: Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

GoVols: It would be a great time to service those outdrives before she splashes again!

Have you ever moved your houseboat? Do you need advice for your next big project? Check out our forum at

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