Runaway Hot Tub Is Still On The Lam

June 2015 News Web Exclusive

Well, that’s not something you see every day! According to the North Devon Journal, one unfortunate houseboater’s hot tub is currently on the lam in the English Channel, having escaped while it and another houseboat were being towed to moor in the Thames. When the 72-foot vessel started getting wet around the ears, there was nothing the tug crew could do to prevent its sinking. An RNLI lifeboat rushed to the scene but was unable to rescue the hot tub before it vacated the scene.

Now the Dover Coastguard has the latest known coordinates and are out on the hunt.

A spokesperson commented, "A navigation warning has been issued for the area,” adding, "The hot tub was too large to recover on to the lifeboat. It is currently adrift in the English Channel."

So what’s the good news? The second houseboat successfully made the crossing, and now we all have something fun to talk about!

Photo credited to RNLI. 

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