From The Forums: Don’t Break Your Back Or The Bank

July 2015 Industry Web Exclusive

One forum member was casting around for cost-effective alternatives to replacing the non-skid pads on his houseboat’s stairs. Check out the advice old hands dished out below:

DitchRider: Price check, please! I need to replace the non-skid on three steps leading up to the sundeck of our Gibson. The quote was $400 for painted non-skid. I was shocked. Seems very expensive for just three steps. Am I wrong?

42gibson: They have the material with the adhesive backing at Home Depot for around $15. I put it on a PlayCraft that I had with a spiral staircase for $40 and trimmed it to fit myself.

Ike: You can buy adhesive non-skid and just stick it on. West Marine has non-skid tape for $11.99. I have seen larger pads online for less than $35. I use the tape on my 18-footer and it works just fine. If it ever wears out, just remove it and replace.

Old Houseboater: Non-skid additive for your paint is $8 at Ace Hardware. I used it on the decks of my River Queens. Feet-friendly and cleans up easily.

Stmbtwle: I'd simply peel off the old non-skid pads and replace them with slightly larger pads. You can get them in white, I think. Sure beats $400!

Do you have another option for replacing non-skid pads that hasn’t been hollered out yet? Check out the previous tips and add your own at We’d love to have you join us!

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