Deutsche Composite – A New Contender for the Modern Houseboat

August 2015 News Jake Manning Web Exclusive

German manufacturer Deutsche Composite aims to “provide the spaciousness and comfort of a house [combined] with the unique mobility only a boat can offer,” and I believe them. As a relatively new developing and IP holder company, Deutsche Composite contacted us to show off their new PRORETA fleet of houseboats. And, boy, do they make an impression. 

Measuring nearly 40 feet long and 16 feet wide, the PRORETA 12 (P12) wants to be like an ample mansion rather than a narrow boat. Its simple, white frame structure boasts a modern design language. The port side features a stunning, bow-to-stern bank of windows, allowing ample natural light to enter the living space. Smaller windows line the starboard side, providing privacy to the occupants. You can easily access the roof-top terrace from the internal stairs or from outside via a ladder from the bow terrace. 

The interior is as equally impressive. Professor Dr.-Ing. Mr. Stefan Sasse, architect and designer of the P12, designed it to be single floor living space, no steps or stairs (except to the terrace, of course). The dining and living area, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are spacious, spanning the whole width of the ship. Yet the ceiling is as high as any regular apartment. It's modern, straightforward, and up to date. Pictures show better what words try to describe, so Deutsche Composite created a first prototype video tour of the P12. Don't forget to check out the video clip below!

For those who like to explore, never fear!  Her seaworthiness certificate allows her to explore coastal and inland waters. The P12's engine and twin fuselage are optimized for low fuel consumption and low maintenance.  The P12 was also designed to withstand freezing and frost pressure. Additionally, her flat bottom allows her to ground safely, even at low tide or on the beach. No more anchoring off-shore! If you prefer, however, the P12 comes with an optional bathing platform which can be deployed and lowered for easy water access. 

If you're looking for an upgrade or simply trying to get into the houseboat market, Deutsche Composite is an excellent place to start. The P12 just arrived on the water, and the P7 (the PRORETA 12's smaller sibling) will follow in 2 months. For more information and pricing, visit Deutsche Composite's website. ( 

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