Solar-Powered Light Where You Need It

August 2015 Product Brady L. Kay


You can never have too much internal light, especially when you’re looking for a little more for your lower cuddy on your houseboat. That’s where the portable, solar-powered LED LightShip from Davis Instruments come in. Not only does it provide a little more light for your houseboat at a low cost, but it also serves as a safety light in case of fire or other emergency. When the electricity goes out, the light automatically illuminates during a power outage.

LightShip can be attached to any clear-glass window that has good sun access for all-night lighting. The solar-powered light installs easily with three powerful suction cups that face the solar cell to the sun for charging the NiMH battery. Three bright-white LEDs provide enough light for reading or users can switch to one, single red LED for better night vision capabilities.

A built-in light sensor switches the LightShip off automatically during daylight hours. It can also be switched off to store up energy for future use. Owners can attach one to a well-lit area during the day, then move it to wherever it's needed at night.

Weighing in at just 8 ounces and measuring 2 inches tall by 5 inches wide, the LightShip is ideal for houseboat owners (especially considering the $24.99 price tag). For more information call 510-732-9229 or visit


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