No More Spills!

October 2015 Product

Your typical macerator will allow waste spills while you’re performing maintenance, but with Raritan's macerator pump with wastewater valve those days are at an end. Now you can remove the pump without disconnecting any plumbing. Owners simply have to shut off the valve and remove two screws, and the pump will slide out without any mess or spills.

All stainless steel bolts avoid corrosion issues, a spring-loaded Viton shaft seal is used to prevent premature leaks, and a proprietary rubber impeller compound allows a longer dry running time. The optional Smart Macerator Control (SMC) monitors the motor and pump to prevent dry run and overload, shutting the pump down if it doesn't prime in seven seconds, runs dry for five seconds or draws more than 20 amps. If power is not turned off to the control, it will still jog the pump for a few milliseconds every seven days to prevent binding of the impeller. Raritan's macerator pump has a price range of $235 to $310. Call 856-825-4900 or visit to find out more, and don't forget to check it out in action below. 

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