Is It A House Or A Houseboat?

December 2015 Web Exclusive

Houseboats are beautiful vessels that bridge the gap between home comforts and waterbound adventure, but in the case of Lorne Dunseith, his houseboat leans more towards the “house” side of the spectrum. It’s actually mounted on land.

According to the South Bay Compass, Dunseith built his unique setup during World War II. In 1934, the man purchased the top of tuna boat Lusitania when it was in the process of restoration and set it up on top of a cement foundation in San Diego, Calif. He reportedly built a second story that matched, constructed a staircase out of the railing from its top deck, and left some of the port holes and brass fittings to retain the spirit of the old tuna boat. Check out what you think of it in the picture above. To read more about the Lusitania’s history and Dunseith’s unusual project, visit the South Bay Compass here

Photo credited to the South Bay Compass

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