Room For One More?

December 2015 Web Exclusive

We know most houseboats are moveable, but what about portable? recently shared news about the Water Bed, a micro-houseboat designed by Royal College of Art graduate Daniel Durnin.

Do you remember the glamping amphibious camper? (What a mouthful!) It’s a concept very similar to that. If you like the style but want something that doesn’t have to be towed by car, good news—this one is bike-trailerable! But you won’t have room to bring your friends—at most, two people would fit. Durnin’s idea was reportedly designed as an alternative to setting up a tent after exploring on a bike and could take advantage of London’s convenient waterways, for example, as a new way to experience nature. To read more about Durnin’s project and inspiration, click here.

Photos credited to Daniel Durnin

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