Watch A 42-footer Get Shrink Wrapped

December 2015 Web Exclusive

How many people does it take to shrink wrap a houseboat? Surprisingly less than you might think. recently shared a post showing three men, Jay Walgrave, Mike Streveler, and Rob Carrels, shrink wrapping a 42-footer to join the ranks of 70 boats they had already prepared for the winter at Parkside Marina in Wabasha, Minn.

As their video shows, it’s a rather fascinating process that includes a large propane torch and some level of patience (check it out here).

According to Walgrave, wrapping can cost up to $980 for the biggest vessels and is becoming increasingly popular for guarding boats from the elements during winter. Encase them in plastic, cut a few slits for ventilation, and voila—cleanup is that much easier come springtime. To read’s original post, click here

Credited to John Weiss at

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