Lake Cumberland Docks Face Severe Snow Damage

January 2016 Web Exclusive

After a heavy snow storm hit the Lake Cumberland, Ky., area this past Saturday, many houseboaters were grieved to find that an estimated millions in snow damage had taken a toll on the docks and boats across the lake. With collapsing roofs, tipping docks, and sinking houseboats, it’s very disheartening to see the impact the 13 inches of snow and wind had on the area. Lake Cumberland is considered one of the top houseboating hotspots in the nation. Let’s keep everyone in our thoughts and prayers; we hope that the damage can be quickly mitigated for all and that everyone will stay safe through the rest of this winter. This is a heavy loss for many, and we sincerely hope they will have the comfort and companionship they need to uplift them through the coming weeks and months. 

Photo credited to Raptorlvr 

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