President of Seattle’s Floating Home Association Passes Away

April 2016 News Web Exclusive

The Seattle Times brings word that unfortunately 69-year-old Bill Keasler, the president of Seattle’s Floating Home Association, passed away on March 17 of cancer.

Keasler fought long and hard to preserve the ability for houseboats to stay afloat despite opposition from developers and city officials, pushing for policies to protect the floating community.

“He dedicated a significant part of his life to ensuring the permanency of the floating- home community,” Amalia Walton, current FHA president, told the Seattle Times.

According to Walton, the legacy’s biggest contribution was to ensure houseboaters could stay on their docks and that renters would have the right of first refusal if their docks went up for sale. Thanks to this, many houseboaters were able to join together and buy their docks, thus preserving an important feeling of stability for their homes.

To read more about Keasler’s story and how many ways he impacted Seattle’s houseboat community for good, check out the Seattle Times here.

Photo credited to The Seattle Times

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