Yoga, Meet WaterMat

April 2016 Product

It’s not exactly a secret why yoga videos and soundtracks often include the sound of running water in the background. It’s relaxing and soothing, perfectly preparing you for the mental and physical exercise.

What better way, then, to do yoga by actual water? Or even—on the water?

The WaterMat company had this vision in mind when they put together their exciting new Yoga WaterMat, weight-rated for up to 175 pounds and with enough buoyancy to give you a solid foundation for the various poses in yoga. This latest addition to the WaterMat products comes with a carrying handle, anchoring line, and 90-minute instructional videos that covers beginning, intermediate, and advanced skill levels ( It also measures 84 inches long, 36 inches wide, and 3.25 inches thick yet only weighs14 pounds, giving you room to maneuver while you enjoy the peaceful sounds of lapping water.

Whether you own your own houseboat or are into renting at different lakes, this product will give you an awesome new way to have fun, soak in peace, and take on a new challenge! The Yoga WaterMat is already on its way to becoming a popular new addition to the yoga world, with instructors at places like the YMCA completing training to become instructors. Check out Bart’s Water Sports or to claim your own Yoga WaterMat and enjoy your next houseboating getaway in a whole new way!

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