Be Safe This Memorial Weekend!

May 2016 Web Exclusive

We're all excited for Memorial Day! Chances are good that each and every one of us is planning on heading to the nearest lake to enjoy an extra free day the right wayon the water. Just remember to play it safe this weekend. When everyone flocks to the water, chances are always higher that accidents can happen. You can do your part to have a safe and relaxing mini-vacation by taking a few moments to go over some basic safety tips before you head out with hat and flip flops in hand.

Take it slow in busy areas and make sure you know if anyone is in the water nearby before maneuvering in or out of a good spot to beach. Have lifejackets for everyone and take it a step further by making sure they actually fit right. If your group is planning on breaking out the six packs, make sure all drinking happens responsibly and be mindful that being out on the water exacerbates the effects of alcohol on your body. Make sure all of your navigation lights are working and the engine is turned off before any swimmers jump into the lake.  

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