The Drink Dingy

June 2016 Product Roy Sparks

Formally known as the “Aquacoozie,” we stumbled upon the Drink Dinghy one day while watching a funny video online. The video shows a can floating in the water using this drink holder and a boat comes roaring by just feet from it and nearly puts a wake over the top of it. But even under this extreme “test” the drink remained upright, which then of course led to our desire to try it out ourselves.

A lot of houseboaters like to float in the water while keeping a beverage close by and that’s where the Drink Dinghy comes in. Created by G. Brothers, LLC., the Drink Dinghy allows you to set your drink in the cup holder, then attach the tether to your wrist or lifejacket and that’s it. It keeps your drink close by without having to hold it the entire time.

The company has a variety of other great products as well as package deals, but a single Drink Dinghy will run you $29.99. It’s a convenience thing, so you’re going to pay a little more than you would a regular coozie that doesn’t float, but you have to admit it’s quite a conversation starter.  

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