Trip-Planning Tips For Your Rental Vacation

August 2016 Feature Web Exclusive

So you're planning a houseboat vacation, and your crew is striking out somewhere new onboard a fabulous rental! Pulling together an exciting new trip like this can be a blast, but it does come with its own share of stresses. Here are some tips to think about:

Triple-check the list of what’s already supplied on the rental boat so you don’t waste space bringing things you don’t need and—even worse—forget things that aren’t provided. As an extra, bringing your own pillows can sometimes help you feel more comfortable and sleep better at night.

If you’re renting in a group, try coordinating among yourselves so you only bring so many sets of sun lotion, aloe vera, hair dryers, etc. You really don’t need fifty extras of supplies like this onboard, and it’ll save that much more space for everyone.

If you’re bringing along little kids, help keep them feel comfortable by not forgetting that special blankie or toy. It’ll add a nice homey touch to an exciting but strange place and can help the kiddos relax a little better, especially at nighttime.

Be real about your wardrobe. Will you really be wearing more than swim shorts and a T-shirt for most of your vacation? As a general rule of thumb, plan ahead of time how many nights everyone will go out to eat and bring nicer sets of clothes accordingly, but other than that, trim that suitcase down.

If your group is into music, don’t forget to check out whether your rental has a docking station and what devices would be compatible. Jamming to tunes onboard is a fun way to pass the time.

Choose your travel companions wisely. Remember, you’ll be brushing elbows with these people for a good couple of days, and there aren’t too many places to retreat to when you’re sharing a full houseboat!

Bring lots of favorite games, books, and movies for downtime. Depending on what lake you’re renting at, the water can be quite warm and the sun gets hot in the middle of the day, so swimming at noon might not be as refreshing as you expected. If you find yourselves holing up inside during the worst of the heat without enough activities to keep yourselves entertained, you might go a little stir crazy.

What other tips have you come up with through the course of your travels? Jump on our Facebook page and share them with us!

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