How To Make A Haunted Houseboat

October 2016 Web Exclusive

With Halloween coming up fast, it’s not too late to throw together some classic decorations for your houseboat! Some are spooky and some are charming, but all are guaranteed to celebrate the season’s up-and-coming holiday with proper festivity. Check them out below!

DIY Ombre Wine Bottles

These charming centerpieces, masterminded by, are quickly pulled together using old wine or sparkling cider bottles. All you need is the following: orange, white, and yellow spray paint, empty wine bottles (labels removed), cardboard (for spray painting on), and optional pumpkin/leaves/twigs/candy corn. To start, soak your bottles in warm water so you can more easily peel off the labels. Next, spray paint each bottle completely white. Follow up with an orange stripe in the middle, and top each bottle with a layer of yellow paint. Once they dry, voila! You’re done. You can get creative with how you arrange these candy-corn-themed centerpieces or leave them as-is—either way they’re sure to be charming.

DIY Skull Candle Holder

Courtesy of, this spooky candle holder is sure to be a hit around Halloween. You’ll need plastic skulls (check out places like Target or the Dollar Store), cheap terra cotta saucers, hot glue, flat black spray paint, and a cool candle to go on top. Start off by flipping the bottom saucer upside-down and piling the skulls on top with copious amounts of hot glue between each layer. Top with glue for the second saucer, and then spray paint everything black. Once it’s dry, you’re ready to top with the candle, and you’re done! 

Spooky Skeleton Hands

Shared by, these Spooky Skeleton Hands look fantastic and are easily prepped to boot—all you need are latex gloves, a permanent marker, flameless LED tea lights, and 4-ounce mason jars. Start by drawing the bones of a skeleton hand on one side of each glove, then fill in the spaces with your black marker. You can look up different images to give you ideas on how to shape the bones. Next, set each tea light where you want it positioned and cover it with a 4-ounce mason jar (a wide votive holder will also do the job). Stretch a glove over each jar until it’s completely covered, then simply pull the edge of each glove up so you can blow air inside to inflate it so it stands on its own. It should be tight enough but you can screw rings on the mason jar tops as well. Shut off the lights for maximum effect, and there you have it! 

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