SmartPlug Takes On Boat Fires

October 2016 Product


Considered the leading cause of recreational boat fires, electrical issues are nothing to laugh about, especially when overheating or loose connections are involved. That’s where SmartPlug steps in. By retrofitting to SmartPlug Systems' 30 Amp Inlet and Connector Kit, you can protect yourself against these worries. This alternative to old-fashioned, twist-type connections is simple to use with dual locking clips and a sleeved inlet design for a secure connection. Thanks to the unusual shape of the inlet it’s easy to orient when connecting, even in the dark—pushing straight in without pin alignment, twisting or a lock ring.

The connector and inlet combined together provide 20 times the pin-and-clip electrical contact compared to the twist-style models, which greatly reduces the chance of overheating. Three weatherproofing seals further prevent water intrusion and corrosion.

SmartPlug’s 30A/125V kit comes with an inlet and connector and uses marine-grade 316 stainless steel components. The boat side inlet uses the same standard mounting holes as the industry standard twist-type inlets, so no new holes or drilling is even required. As always, all SmartPlug products are engineered to meet or exceed code compliance standards for the US, Canadian and European markets.

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